Numark DM 2050



Mic: 600 ohm input impedance unbalanced; 1.5mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output; 400mV RMS max input
Phono: 47Kohm input impedance; 1.3mV RMS sensitivity @ 1KHz for 0dB output
Line: 7V RMS max
Line: 10K ohm input impedance; 80mV RMS sensitivity for 0dB output
Phono: Better than 85dB
Line: 20-20KHz +/-0.5dB
Headphone: 0.5W into 47ohm
Line: Better than 100dB
Mic: Better than 95dB
Mic: 20-15KHz +/-0.5dB
Treble: +12/-20dB at 15KHz
Phono: +/-1dB except for controlled attenuation of -3dB @ 20Hz to reduce rumble and feedback
Bass: +12/-35dB at 20Hz
Middle: +12/-25dB at 1.3KHz