KORG D 888

Audio miksete
The D888 has a traditional and very clear control layout. Main channel strips (left) comprise Trim pot and Peak LED, three knobs for High, Mid and Low EQ bands, effect-send level pot for the internal effect, Pan pot, channel on/off button, and 45mm fader. Features to the right of the panel include the small LCD, the rotary effect-selector knob giving access to one of 11 effect treatments, the transport section, and Marker storage and editing facilities. Most facilities have a dedicated front-panel control, minimising menu-surfing. Across the back edge of the front panel are the channel inputs, each with an XLR and a jack socket, and the output section. In one mode, the latter jack sockets can be configured as direct outputs for the D888's eight tracks. A nice touch is two headphone outputs with individual level controls.


High-speed USB 2.0 port
Rugged metal body
Includes AC cord
8-channel I/O digital mixer with hard disk recorder
8-track simultaneous record and playback
8 XLR and TRS balanced inputs
Convenient, non-destructive editing tools
Undo and Redo functions
High-performance mic preamps
48V phantom power on XLR inputs
User-friendly panel design
8 full channel strips with trim, 3-band EQ, gain, pan, effect send, and fader
11 master-quality effect types